Blanket PSC Bans

Blanket PSC Bans – Are Large Companies Jeopardizing Their Access To Talent For The Sake Of Paperwork? The closer IR35 reform gets, the more we’re hearing about blanket PSC bans from large and medium enterprises. It seems that many “reputable” companies have lapsed in their opportunity to prepare for IR35 (even with the additional calendar […]

60% Unsure on IR35 Reform

60% Unsure on IR35 Reform As a result of COVID-19 it is suggested that more than half of all contractors in the private sector are yet to obtain any IR35 information from their client. The new off-payroll rules are now only 70 days away and almost 6 out of 10 contractors say end-clients still have […]

UK Government’s IR35 tool unable to determine employment status

UK Government’s IR35 tool unable to determine employment status in a fifth of cases, figures show Experts are urging businesses to double-check and scrutinize IR35 determination results produced by the Government’s CEST tool as the April rollout of off-payroll rule changes approaches. In attempt to streamline the introduction of their legislation amendments in the private […]

Do you understand IR35? Optimus Shield can help.

IR35 Changes Postponed Due To Coronavirus With so much out there at the moment, how much of IR35 do you truly understand? IR35, in simple terms, relates to an individual, who for all intents and purposes, would be identified as an employee of an end-user (client) but has chosen to operate through an intermediary vehicle, […]